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Support AB 1999

Stop the Deceptive Utility Tax

California’s Utility Monopolies snuck the largest fixed-rate utility tax in the nation—between $400-$1000 per year--into AB205. AB1999 will right the course and stop this deceptive and greedy Tax. Fixed rates are nothing more than a deceptive ploy by PG&E, SDG&E, and SCE to protect their guaranteed profits – at the expense of California’s working families and our planet.

The proposal locks in these fees for generations no matter what steps California consumers take to conserve energy.

A Fixed-Rate Utility Tax Protects

Utility Profits—

Not California Consumers

AB 1999 will stop the Utility Tax

Pacific Gas & Electric annual gross profit for 2022: $16.8 billion

San Diego Gas, and Electric annual gross profit for 2022: $2.9 billion

Southern California Edison’s annual gross profit for 2022: $12.6 billion

Source: Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filings, 2021

If not stopped, the Utility Tax would:

Take control from working families

Corporate monopolies and their abusive, profit-driven policy proposals hurt all Californians by taking away the ability to control our energy future. A fixed-rate tax is nothing more than a scheme to ensure even larger profits.

Halt California’s commitment to addressing climate change

California consumers are among our nation's best at conserving energy and committing to clean energy. We lead the nation in rooftop solar installation. A fixed-rate utility tax turns those policies on their heads.

Do nothing to stop out-of-control utility bills

The more monopoly utilities spend on expanding the electricity grid the more profit they make and the more everyday people pay. To give working families real relief, state officials must stop rubber-stamping expensive and unnecessary utility spending. They should instead prioritize local, community-owned, distributed energy like rooftop solar, battery storage, and community solar. A utility tax discourages those policies and keeps the utilities in control, spending and profiting from an old and costly grid.

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Stop the Deceptive Utility Tax

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